Sewer Camera Inspection and Sewer Repairs

Roots in the line are often difficult to remove and could be a painstaking process. If you look around your property and do not find any clean outs and have a back up the first recommendation will be to install a clean out so that there is adequate access to the sewer pipe to clear the clog. 

If the line is cleared from roots, we will often recommend that you follow it with a camera inspection so that you can repair the section of the broken pipe. If roots are in the line the pipe is broken.  Some people opt to have regular maintenance on the sewer pipe and this is available but not always the best option because it only offers a temporary remedy. Roots will grow back again and again.  Then you have the inconvenience factor of finding your sewer pipe backed up and the environmental exposure to the sewage, which, could be prevented with a repair.   There may be a combination of roots and build up like the pipe shown in this photo. 

We recommend that you are proactive and take steps to keep your drain lines running clear but when your line is compromised replacing the pipe may be necessary.  In some cases, you can replace a bad section of the pipe.    A sewer line camera inspection provides you with a condition report of the inside of the pipe to be able to decide the best course of action.

When Powers performs the sewer camera inspection, we provide you with the video footage, our report to help you understand what you are seeing, the depth of the pipe, and the location markings showing the pipes path.  Ironically, in order to perform the inspection your line needs to be clear.  Otherwise, the cable for the camera won’t be able to see what is going on. 

In San Diego, we can usually dig out the old pipe.  Other times, it is imbedded in concrete or under the house and each of these situations can be dealt with once the camera inspection and possibly a visible inspection shows what is needed.   

Let us know if you need help or you are ready to tackle replacing your poorly functioning sewer system.

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