The owner called in for what he thought was a simple water leak. The plumber found one leak and repaired it. He also looked at the wall behind the shower valve and found the wall and valve were both wet. He climbed under the building and found both hot and cold water pipes leaking. They had been leaking for some time because the water leak had eroded the dirt under the building away, We built a scaffold to reach the pipes where the ground once stood. We re-roughed new water pipes along the building wall inside and under the building. We started cutting out the main line cast iron to get it out of the working area but then the client wanted us to install new drain lines. So we returned and removed the old drain all the way to the crawlspace opening in ABS.

  • Dates of Service: October 10th – 17th, 2011
  • Total Cost: $12,093.55
Water Leak Repair in San Diego Apartment