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A Gift that keeps on Giving: Show them Your Love by a Kitchen or Bath Upgrade

Gift ideas for 2020 kitchen and bath upgrades

Opening Buildings after Covid-19 Closures

Safe Reopening Buildings after Covid- 19 closures

A Nod to the Anode Rod and Water Heater Maintenance

Water Heater Maintenance - Anode Rode replacement

Plumbing Issues: When You Least Expect It

Let Powers Plumbing Take on the plumbing while you Get back to Life

What You Should Know About Owning an Old House: Tips and Good to Know Considerations

New to owning an Old House? Here are some Tips and Considerations from Inspecting the Plumbing, Windows and Old Growth Wood

Smell Gas?  Repair Process to Get you Back in Service

Working with the City of San Diego Inspection process for Gas repairs

Prepare your Tenants for an Emergency

Emergency contact, Landlord contact, tenant emergency contact

Why Powers Plumbing is not easy to find on Angie’s List, Yelp and other Advertising Services

Powers Plumbing doesn't run away from the old or the unusual... we will tackle almost anything that comes our way.

Selecting Fixtures, Faucets for your Remodel

Kitchen and Bath remodeling

Gravity Heating systems - What is the attraction?

gravity heating, heating, forced air

Tankless - Endless Hot Water not Instant Hot Water

benefits of Tankless water heater

Check The License First

Protect yourself and your property... before you hire anyone to work on your project, check to ensure that they are properly licensed.

Lead Law Compliance

Is your residential renovation exposing you to lead during plumbing, painting or other construction repairs? Read our article for what you need to know before you start your next project.

All About Washlets

We may all be in a position to need some assistance as we age or if we suffer from an illness or injury. A washlet allows you to provide assistance, if needed, and still allows your loved one to retain his/her dignity.

Drain Clogged?  Toilet Stopped Up?  What You Should Do…

Sometimes minor clogs can be taken care of on your own or avoided all together, but other times you'll need professional help. It's important to know which is which.

Fixing Leaks & Conserving Water

Did you know that 37% of households have a water leak? With escalating water and sewer rates, fixing water leaks saves you money and saves precious water resources from literally going down the drain.

Water Quality Report Makes the Case for Filtered Water

If you drink bottled water and care about the quality of your water, you may want to see the San Diego Water Quality report. A new Water Quality report was recently sent out to residents and we will post it here.

Local Businesses We Recommend

Roberts Electric Service - Recommended Local Business

Roberts Electric Service, Inc.

If you need an excellent electrician in San Diego, look no further.  We've worked with Roberts Electric for years and you can always count on them to do quality work and great prices.

We have plumbing parts for older fixtures and to find electrical supplies, we recommend San Diego Electric because they have hard to find older electrical parts.


Johnson Air Systems

We work on the old gravity style floor furnaces but rely upon Johnson Air Systems for HVAC such as forced air units (FAU) / Air conditioning.

Johnson Air Systems services and installs all major brands of heating and cooling systems. Just like Powers Plumbing, Johnson Air is a family-owned, and also a veteran HVAC company that provides up-front pricing and a money-back guarantee for all services rendered.