Weird Projects

“We do some weird stuff”  --Janet O’Dea, Powers Plumbing

Cosmopolitan Hotel - High Tanks in Old Town  Cosmopolitan Hotel in Old Town  low flush high tank toilets for Old Town State Park

Replaced nine high tank toilets for the Cosmopolitan Hotel to Sunrise brand low flush high tank toilets as specified by the Department of Parks and do the work when rooms were vacant at the hectic beginning of the busy tourist season. We were the subcontractor on this prevailing wage job. 

  • Dates of service: June 27, 2011 to July 28, 2011
  • Total Cost $17,378.25

Point Loma Community Presbyterian Church - Bell Tolls for Thee ABS Point Loma Presbyterian Community Church

The church was undergoing a major building restoration and renovation. We replaced the cast iron roof drains that run through the bell tower.

  • Dates of service: September 22, 2011 - September 23, 2011

Brad Fox Builders- High Rise Wet Bar  High Rise Wet bar

This was a kitchen remodel with an island sink in a high rise. The challenge was that there was no access to the water and waste system from the middle of the room. We obtained permission from the unit owner below and exposed his ceiling to run the system. The scope of work changed but we kept the job on schedule by doing what was necessary even though it meant getting creative.

  • Dates of Service: November 27 - 28, 2012
  • Total Cost: $5,339.88

Williams Form Engineering - Just needed some Air 

Williams Form Engineering was getting ready to move into their new building. Tenant improvements included running approximately 700 feet of pipe for pneumatic air lines for their industrial facility. We used a lift to secure the pipelines into poured concrete walls.

  • Dates of Service October 11 - 18, 2012
  • Total Cost $10,144.08


Private Residence - Custom sump pump lid  

(before)  Pump lid was falling apart and deteriorating into the tank (after) Custom pump lid

Homeowners had a large old pump system that was deteriorating and the lid was caving in causing the pump to fail. We replaced the pump, tank and had a lid custom fabricated to fit the hole pattern.

  • Dates of Service: January 16 - 20, 2012
  • Project cost: $3,089.06

University Christian Church - Grease trap University Christian Church Grease Trap

We do a lot of work with area churches and private schools. A well-meaning parishioner planned a new kitchen for the church but it did not pass inspection because they did not install the required grease trap. We came in and got the church back in good graces with the City and public health department by installing a grease trap to integrate with the new kitchen.

  • Dates of Service: April 5, - 21, 2011
  • Total Cost: $ 4,764.70

Fashion Valley Mall - Anti-Scale Treatment System Fashion Valley Mall was ruined with water spots until Powers Plumbing set up a water treatment solution   Filter system for Fashion Valley Water feature

Mall renovations included the installation of some beautiful water feature fountains. The dramatic appearance was diminished due to the build up of water spots and the mall staff found the daily general maintenance a nightmare. We were brought in to solve the scale build up problem and to do so we had a custom reverse osmosis system made. We installed it in an underground vault eliminating this maintenance headache.

  • Date of Service September 22, 2011
  • Total cost: $ 11,110.21

Alcazar Apartments - Just a little leak!  Alcazar Apartments, San Diego CA Leak repairs for Alcazar Apartments and scaffold to reach the leaks

The owner called in for what he thought was a simple water leak. The plumber found one leak and repaired it. He also looked at the wall behind the shower valve and found the wall and valve were both wet. He climbed under the building and found both hot and cold water pipes leaking. They had been leaking for some time because the water leak had eroded the dirt under the building away, We built a scaffold to reach the pipes where the ground once stood. We re-roughed new water pipes along the building wall inside and under the building. We started cutting out the main line cast iron to get it out of the working area but then the client wanted us to install new drain lines. So we returned and removed the old drain from the santee down all the way to the crawlspace opening in ABS.

  • Dates of Service October 10 - 17, 2011
  • Total Cost $12,093.55
We won’t run away from the old or the unusual. We will tackle most anything that comes our way.

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  • Clogged Drains Cleared
  • Gas Leak re-pipe
  • Toilet repairs /installations
  • BBQ Hook Ups
  • Floor Furnace services
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  • Water Leaks repaired
  • Water Filter Systems
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