Power Walks and Images of America - Mission Hills

Powers Plumbing owners Janet O'Dea and Allen Hazard published the Images of America Mission Hills book. The duo are mindful of the rich local history of the surrounding community. They were entrusted with photo collections from friends and neighbors so they used their impecable research skills to create delightful captions for the photos which make this book stand out.  This $21.98 book is available at our shop and the authors will gladly sign a copy for you.  Celebrate the history of one of the most intact streetcar suburbs in San Diego. 

Powers Plumbing also enlisted local historian Allen Hazard to compile a series of self-guided walking tours in historic Mission Hills, which we call Power Walks.  See the Mission Hills neighborhood in a brand new light, as Allen shares the history and heritage of Mission Hills.  These items makes excellent gifts and when company comes in the PowerWalks make an excellent guide to neighborhood highlights.

The funds generated from the Power Walks are used to improve our neighborhood.  They also make great gifts for anyone interested in their local community and its history.  If you are interested in purchasing a 34 page Power Walks self-guided walking tour booket for just $10,  or an Images of America - Mission Hills book, stop by Powers Plumbing, or contact janet@bestsandiegoplumber.com.

Current Community Improvement Goal

Power Walks purchases go towards funding a memorial to be placed at the entrance of Pioneer Park where visitors can reflect for a moment on these hallowed grounds.

Historic Marker (Historic Landmark #5) Proposed Text:
To the south of the row of eucalyptus trees lies the former CALVARY CEMETERY (1875-1960) – This is the final resting place for between 3,000 to 4,000 San Diego pioneers, including the Arguello, Altamirano, Bandini and Machado families and other important early leaders such as Cave Johnson Couts and Father Antonio Ubach.

While the ravages of time and the march of progress may have taken their toll on even our most sacred, hallowed ground, we shall not forget, at least in passing, the tributes we owe to these early San Diego pioneers and their families.

Power Walks - Replacement Bus Bench

Past Community Improvements

In December 2010, after nine months of selling Power Walks, we were able to raise enough money to replace the plastic bus bench on West Lewis Street near Stephens Street in the business district of Mission Hills with a much nicer metal model.

Not only were we able to improve our neighborhood, but in the process, we made a real connection back to the community.  We managed to capture the spirit of cooperation from so many friends and neighbors, and this new bus bench is a testiment to our success.  

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